Machine Vision and Industrial Barcode Scanning 2018 Research Outline

by David Krebs, February 2018

Much like other bar code scanning market segments, laser industrial scanning solutions are taking a back seat to the massive adoption potential and appeal of camera-based solutions. These developments have also ushered in new competitive dynamics with greater overlap between the machine vision landscape with scanning solution providers. Responding to these trends, VDC Research is expanding the scope of our Industrial Scanning Research Program to also cover the broader market of machine vision solutions and all of the current and emerging applications these solutions are designed to support. VDC will continue to provide our clients with our rich analysis of industrial scanning solutions – both laser and camera-based – and will complement that coverage with similarly detailed analysis of the machine vision market and its applications and where these two markets overlap.

This report provides granular market size models and five-year forecasts segmented by form factor, vertical market segments, installation environments, applications, distribution channels, and geographies. It also provides a rich analysis on the current market dynamics and evolving opportunities.

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